Confused about EdTech? Me too

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How does it work?

I interview various EdTech companies, working on all kinds of projects. Based on those interviews I make a summary of what they do, how it works and why it works. Sometimes I’ll include bits of the interview, demonstrations or illustrations.

Interested in being interviewed?

Working at an EdTech company and interested in being interviewed? Let me know and we can arrange one, either on Skype or in person.

What is it?

edtech.explained is aimed at helping people understand how the educational technology sector works and what options are available. It’s a confusing topic – there are so many different technologies out there, all with different purposes, aimed at different people. edtech.explained wants to help people to see what’s out there, and how many new options there are for learning (both for adults and children). Lots of people seem fascinated and excited by the topic of using education and tech but are baffled by the detail.

So edtech.explained is simple. It’s about learning what each EdTech company does and why it’s important.

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